Windows out, Ubuntu in!


Dear diary, well I guess it’s that time of year again, my annual bout of: “F%*ck you Windows, it’s over, and this time I mean it, pack your crap and get out!”. This time the provocation is a virus that is so persistent, that even after three weeks and multiple treatments it still keeps reappearing. Yep, time to trade in that fat, winging and extremely bloated package for a more slender cost effective model.

So I have now asked Ubuntu, my long standing and very hot bit on the side to move in with me full time. She’s slim, attractive and lets me use her without protection. All my mates are really impressed! But this is now a well traveled path, I’ve been with Ubuntu before, come to think of it, I’ve even been with her sisters Fedora and Debian a few times too and I already know there’s a flip side to this coin.

Last time we had a whirlwind romance, I had to eventually give her the boot because after a grueling 72 hour marathon session in my spare room, she STILL could not figure out how to access the internet on my mobile phone. Anyway that’s water under the bridge, she’s matured a lot since then and I think this time we can really make a go of it, besides if I go back to Windows after telling all my friends what a fat virus riddled skank she is, I won’t be able to show my face in the pub ever again.


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